Welcome to subohmz vaping supplies

When we got the keys

After a long while sorting out contracts we finally got the keys and put our own footprint on the shop.

Work has began

Well we didn't hang about. After ripping out an old office and building a new wall we was nearly ready for the floor to go down.

Almost looks like a shop

The floor is down we are ready to build the counter. We are well on the way.

I saw a sign

Happy days the sign is up the counter is complete.

We like it blue

One thing the shop is not short of a blue light and all the other colours.

But the cabinets are filling up nicely ready for the opening day.

We are open

After 7 days and nights we are open thank you to all that helped us get to this stage.

Chris B, Karen, Nathan, Chris H, Brad

Kelly Jake Sue Charlie and Daryl